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Vigla Group has major investments in Renewable Energy sector



Our Portfolio



Vigla Group operates 3 solar parks in Crete, two of them use pioneer technology with sun trackers. Vigla Energy is 100% subsidiary of Vigla group and operates 2 more parks in Corfu . The total installation power of the 5 solar parks is about 500 KW. They offer 850 000 Kwh/year of green electricity to the Greek islands. As a result 500 tn/year  CO2 emissions are avoided being released into the atmosphere. 

Vigla Energy is also a main shareholder in Bioalten ltd. Bioalten operates a pellet plant in the Peloponnese region  with capacity of 20 000 tn /year. In addition, the company has acquired a permit for an adjacent 1 MW combined heat and power station. Bioalten employs 15 people and plays significant role in the local economy


Co Operations 
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